Pictured: Not Ian. Just a model way slightly* more handsome than Ian showing off his art.

*edit made by Ian someone, definitely not Ian

Art that fuels visibility.

Make [psycho] people less [revolting]. Show their beauty.

Revolting Psycho is run by a Ian, a schizophrenic artist. Originally inspired by his hallucinations, the project transformed into designs with asemic writing after Ian got healthier.

Look dope as heck in these comfy shirts. They make for a great story and show there is indeed nothing revolting about what people with psychosis are capable of when they are given the opportunity to be healthy.

Excess Funds to Non-profits

All profits after Ian’s basic income needs are met are donated to schizophrenia non-profits with a track record of success.

Are you a non-profit seeking funding?

Latest Drops

First person to make a purchase will get this drawing for free:

One-of-a-kind Art

Sequence of drops:


One per month

…often in collaboration with Ian’s partner’s home brewed ink canvases.


Three per month

…or three drops after previous drop is fully sold out.

Meet The [Revolting Psycho]

Hi, I’m Ian. ‘Making money’ is not true to me, but forwarding humanity’s progress is. I have put in a tremendous amount of effort to have faith in humanity in order to more effectively manage my schizophrenia — all in the face of unrelenting paranoia symptoms screaming at me to do otherwise.

Part of that faith is to abide by the act of not taking more than I need. This is why I forward all profits beyond basic income needs.

w/ music

w/o music